9 Electrifying Benefits of EMS

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For many years, electrical muscle stimulation has been used only in the realms of physiotherapy and competitive athletics. Lately, it’s been proven to offer a number of advantages in contrast to traditional workouts.

For one thing, EMS training is intense even though it is done through moderate electrical stimulation rather than lifting large weights. This means that with EMS training, you can see significant results without the risks usually associated with working out.

EMS can also aid in Decreasing weight, developing muscle, toning up, treating injuries, and reducing stress. These only show the wide array of benefits one stands to gain in shifting from conventional exercise routines to EMS training.

And if that’s not enough to convince you about the advantages of EMS training, below are nine more examples of why you should shift to wireless EMS training now:

1. It helps build muscle strength

It has long been held by the scientific community that electrical muscle stimulation produces more isometric force than voluntary muscular contractions. 

In a recent study undertaken by an international team of experts, the size of men’s muscles was examined following EMS training. According to their findings, the regimen resulted in enhanced strength and muscle growth.

EMS enhances muscular function and raises the intensity of muscle contractions, allowing your body to do more in less time.

2. It improves sports performance

Post-workout therapies such as massages and other tools are said to complement the traditional workout routine of athletes and bodybuilders. But what if such measures and tools can actually be integrated into your training?

Look no further, because the effectiveness of EMS for athletes was proven in a study published in 2012. The study, which took place across roughly 90 different trials, showed that EMS improved physical performance.

The trained athletes evaluated showed significant gains in speed, force, strength, and power. Indeed, after only three to six weeks of stimulation, vertical jump height increased by up to 25%!

3. It enhances range of motion

Using EMS while exercising can also allow you to increase the range of motion of your muscles and joints. Enhancing one’s range of motion is beneficial to athletes as it improves their functional movement and enables them to avoid injuries while working out.

When you have a poor range of motion, your muscles’ ability to contract and relax is also affected. This means that your workouts do not work as effectively as they should since the stretch applied to your muscles is only limited.

EMS was already proven to be useful in increasing range of motion in 940 stroke patients, based on a 2015 study.

On a similar note, another group of researchers conducted clinical trials that centered on muscular stiffness among stroke patients. Electric muscle stimulation was used on numerous parts of the body, and the findings were extremely good.

4. It makes your muscles look more toned

EMS training improves aesthetic muscle tone as the electrical impulses cause the muscles to contract faster than a conventional workout. This means that you’ll get that all-important sculpted appearance faster than you would from a normal gym routine.

An increase in muscle mass or hypertrophy occurs as a result of the increased stimulation your muscles experience during an EMS training session. A rise in the speed of muscle growth in the chest, arms, and legs is usually seen after a few training sessions.

In fact, a study previously released in Europe showed that participants therein exhibited significant increases in muscle thickness and cross-sectional area by 8.6% and 11.4%, respectively.

Given these findings, EMS training can also potentially help in combating sarcopenia, a progressive and widespread skeletal muscle illness characterized by rapid loss of muscle mass and function, as well as an increased risk of falls, functional decline, frailty, and even death.

5. It aids in weight management

EMS promotes a high degree of metabolic activity during and for several hours following a workout.

Your body will burn fat and grow lean muscle mass more efficiently if your metabolism is greater. It has been proven that EMS training helps women lose weight by reducing the size of the most frequent problem regions, such as the waist, hips, and thighs.

Additionally, it exercises the abdominal muscles and enhances the results by reaching all muscle fibers, which is not possible with regular workouts. The electrodes are positioned in such a way that effective work may be done without sacrificing comfort.

This allows you to not just burn fats during an EMS training session, but also—to an extent—showcase your leaner figure.

6. It improves flexibility and posture

Electrostimulation training may also result in increased elasticity and flexibility, depending on the sort of routines we conduct. Since the entire process involves the contraction of muscles, they are stretched back and allowed to rest at a renewed place of tension.

Similarly, it can also improve one’s posture. Back discomfort, for example, can be caused by an imbalance in the postural muscles of the back, stomach, and pelvic floor. This is especially noticeable if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk.

EMS may then be used while working out to selectively target and train these difficult-to-reach muscle areas.

7. It reduces fluid buildup in your muscles

Fluid retention may be an issue for many people as their lives become more sedentary, particularly at a time when most of us are working from home.

For people who sit for lengthy periods of time, EMS has been demonstrated to be useful in minimizing fluid buildup.

This is done by engaging your leg muscles in a similar way to how they come alive as you move around by sending tiny stimulation impulses! Needless to say, using EMS during your workout will double the results of an exercise targeted at your leg muscles.

A word of caution, however: Be sure to stay hydrated during an intense EMS workout to avoid fluid loss and dehydration.

8. It prevents cramps

By now, we are already familiar with the origin of EMS as a rehabilitative measure.

Thus, it is only understandable (if not at all expected) that some of its medical advantages can actually be of use to athletes and bodybuilders. A good example of this is its proven capacity to prevent cramps in certain muscle groups.

Cramps, as you know, are the bane of any budding athlete, and for a good reason. Aside from being inconveniently painful, having recurring injuries can disrupt a good workout routine and hinder you from achieving your fitness goals.

Incorporating EMS into your workout can prevent these kinds of things from happening. In a 2018 study, researchers employed EMS on the legs of 19 people who are frequent victims of cramps regularly for six weeks, with interesting outcomes. The occurrence of cramps had decreased by 78% after therapy, and their intensity was also dramatically lower.

9. It requires minimal effort

Electrical stimulation is often provided to greater portions of the body during a workout rather than focusing on specific body parts.

As you work out, your muscles are already being used. The electrical impulses, on the other hand, not only cause your muscles to contract further, but they also activate latent muscles, assuring maximal muscular engagement.

By complementing the natural contractions of your muscle during your training routine, We202 Wireless EMS training guarantees faster results with minimal effort on your part. Moreover, it only takes around 20 minutes to reap the full benefits of one EMS training session.

This makes EMS training not only a good alternative to the traditionally long and sweaty workouts, but also a good fitness routine to incorporate even in the midst of a busy week.


EMS training has been scientifically demonstrated to produce greater outcomes than traditional exercise and may help you improve your strength, body shape, and overall health in a variety of ways.

What’s more, you can get all the benefits outlined above in just a short span of time, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life while still maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today to find out how 20 minutes of We202 Wireless EMS training each week will help you reach your fitness goals!


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