Going Hi-tech: 7 Reasons Why You Should Shift to EMS Training

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Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS first gained popularity as a complement to a typical workout session. However, as the years went by, it was soon recognized as a possible alternative to traditional gym training.

According to recent studies and clinical trials, EMS is a good option for resistance and strength training, and it enhances sport-specific abilities and performance.

EMS employs a high-frequency electric current to communicate muscle contractions in a way that is very similar to the signals delivered to the rest of our body by our own central nervous system.

The contraction that results from this is identical to that induced by resistance exercise, such as lifting weights or doing press-ups. So, when properly managed, the use of a pulsed current can be used to increase the effects and outcomes of traditional exercise.

The fact that it is acceptable for nearly everyone is possibly the most useful of the many benefits given by this type of fitness training.

Electrical muscle stimulation provides everyone else a feasible option to more intensive training routines, with the exception of people suffering from certain acute diseases and those

who are reliant on a pacemaker or similar apparatus.

Below we outline how our We202 Wireless EMS training differs from your conventional workout regimen:

Your schedule is no longer an issue

According to previous studies, one of the most common reasons why people fall out of fitness regimens is a lack of time. You must find time (and energy) to not only get to the gym after a full day at work, but also to work out intensely for an hour or more.

A 20-minute We202 EMS training session, on the other hand, is already equivalent to a full-blown high-intensity traditional exercise or a personal training session. This allows you to get in some fitness training even in the midst of a hectic week.

Get visible results in a shorter amount of time

Our training session outcomes are considerably better than a traditional workout, thanks to our We202 EMS technology. This is because your body functions to its maximum capacity—and in less time.

While a traditional full-body workout only engages the surface muscles, the pulsed current used in an EMS session penetrates deep, causing deeper tissue to contract and activating over 90% of the total muscle mass in the targeted locations.

This additional stimulation allows for results that would ordinarily need significantly more physical effort if not for the We202 EMS technology.

Considering the amount of time needed to reap the benefits of your hard work, every session with We202 can only mean better results after better results.

EMS makes for a more affordable personalized training

Despite the popularity and cost of group fitness classes, one-on-one training produces better outcomes. Personal training improves outcomes while also lowering the risk of injury, adapting to your objectives, needs, limitations, and strengths, following your fitness path, and delivering faster results.

Furthermore, many personal trainers can help you with nutrition and appropriate eating habits, as well as other parts of your healthy lifestyle. However, having a fitness professional track your progress from beginning to end comes at a premium price that many of us cannot afford.

Having small groups, then, is the ideal scenario.

Thankfully, EMS fitness training groups usually involve four people at most. This makes it a more cost-effective and efficient method to enjoy a personal exercise with the full instruction and support of a fitness expert.

EMS can be tailor-fit to your needs

Another typical cause for gym abandonment is the inability to acclimate to the intensity levels.

At We202, the intensity of your training session may be readily adjusted using EMS devices, and client data based on prior sessions can be kept. This means you can easily pick up where you left off and gradually raise the intensity.

Detailed and individualized training regimens are created exclusively for you, resulting in improved results.

Furthermore, as most training is conducted in small groups or one-on-one sessions, professional trainers are able to develop individualized plans that are tailored to your talents and needs.

This means that you get a truly custom-made exercise in less time, with better, quicker, and more tailored EMS fitness outcomes.

You can be more motivated to work out

On top of the benefits we mentioned earlier, EMS training also has the added benefit of keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

By providing you with tangible results every time you work out, a routine that’s easy to stick to, and fitness goals that are actually in keeping with your body’s needs, We202 EMS Training turns your ordinary workout from a grueling experience into a rewarding one.

This means that you will be more motivated to head to the We202 Studio for your regular dose of EMS training.

Lessened risks from engaging in physical activities

It could be said that a more intense workout may be more effective, but only if your body is sufficiently prepared for it.

Hence, while it may appear that more intense workouts produce greater results, workouts that are too intense and not adjusted to your intensity can raise the risk of injury, create extreme discomfort, demotivation, and begin to feel like a punishment.

The intensity of a We202 workout is controlled by electrical stimulation, unlike traditional weight training involving heavy weights or high-impact running or leaping, all of which can cause strain and injury if proper posture and coordination are not maintained.

Because EMS training does not rely on weights or high-impact exercise, the danger of strain and muscular damage is considerably minimized, making it a suitable workout for older persons or those who have joint difficulties or injuries.

It’s more fun than your typical workout session

Our special We202 EMS training equipment is designed to give you the most enjoyable and convenient workout experience possible.

While a typical training session is gauged by how sweaty the gymgoer is after the workout, EMS training actually allows the user to get all the advantages of a full-blown exercise with minimal effort.

And we have to admit, seeing and using all these cool gadgets—such as the We202 powersuit—can often leave our clients feeling like they are playing instead of working out!

This is definitely far from what a traditional workout has to offer in terms of convenience and enjoyment, if that could even be said of it.


EMS, without a doubt, is the future of fitness. It introduces a completely new world of productivity and body optimization that may be achieved by combining rigorous exercise with modern technology.

If you wish to know more about how to transition into this revolutionary method of keeping your body fit and healthy, drop us a message today at We202 and let us be your guide in your fitness journey.


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