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Do you know that every time you run, walk, write, or smile, your brain sends a stimulus — or bio-electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)—to specific muscles of your body causing them to contract and relax? This natural and voluntary process typically activates less than 50% of all fibers of a muscle. Can you imagine how much more intense, effective, and quicker a workout can be when 90% of your muscles fibers are activated? That’s where our We202 EMS System comes in, making traditional workouts a thing of the past!


A workout for everyone! We202 is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels: From athletes or recreational fitness goers to those looking to adopt healthier habits.

EMS is a scientifically proven technology to lose pounds and inches, improve performance, relive pain and aches, or even to accelerate recovery from injury. Try our classes if you

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