Surprising Skincare Benefits of EMS

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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as electromyostimulation, is a procedure that uses electrical impulses to directly activate your motor neurons to elicit a muscle contraction.

The protocol utilizes an EMS unit (such as the We202 Wireless EMS unit), a gadget that can provide EMS-based training in the comfort of your home or at a studio like ours. Through this device, you can reap all the benefits of a full-blown workout in just 20 minutes!

The stimulation that EMS creates causes muscular contractions that can be swift and frequent, fast with significant pauses, or contractions that last several (uncomfortable) seconds or minutes.

Normally, your body fires your muscles by transmitting electrical impulses from your brain via your central nervous system (CNS). However, an EMS device allows you to perform deep, powerful, and full muscle contractions without straining your CNS, much alone your body.

Amazingly, your body doesn’t realize the difference between a voluntary and an electrically triggered contraction.

However, the advantages of EMS don’t end there. In this article, we’ll show you how EMS works to give your skin a boost! You heard us right—EMS not only revolutionizes your ordinary workout, it even has wondrous effects that make your skin retain its youthful glow!

How does an EMS microcurrent tool work?

Microcurrents assist with face drooping because they encourage the production of collagen and elastin, allowing the skin to retain its contour and seem younger.

A microcurrent tool (basically, an EMS beauty gadget) penetrates deeper into the skin’s surface and stimulates skin activity while enhancing and speeding collagen formation, a protein that maintains the skin supple and youthful.

This face-lifting gadget is the most technologically advanced beauty item available. These devices tighten and tone the skin while also accelerating cellular renewal.

The EMS microcurrent beauty tool is a dynamic combination of physical and electrical energy that works together to tighten skin and muscles.

The gadget employs a modest electric current to induce muscle contraction, which helps tone and tightens your skin while also reducing sagging. It also works by guiding microcurrents into facial muscles, which support the facial structure. This allows for lifting and a change in general complexion.

The microcurrent beauty gadget encourages your body’s natural production of collagen, a protein that helps to minimize wrinkles and tighten the skin. It also promotes blood circulation, resulting in a more radiant complexion all around!

The real genius of these instruments lies in their versatility. You can obtain virtually instant beneficial effects from one of these gadgets, regardless of your age or present condition of health. Indeed, the younger you are, the better these technologies perform!

How exactly does EMS help my skin?

Your face contains 43 muscles, and they need to be active in order to keep toned, which is where EMS comes in. When you use EMS equipment to work up your facial muscles, your body responds by raising the output of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

As the fundamental chemical energy source for muscle tasks, ATP improves overall strength and flexibility. ATP is also used by the body for cellular processes, such as promoting skin cell turnover and regeneration for firmness and suppleness.

Consistent use of EMS can make your jawline and cheekbones seem more defined, chiseled, and contoured. EMS can also improve your general cellular metabolism, promote blood circulation for a healthy glow, and assist your body’s natural lymphatic system activities for flushing toxins out.

Furthermore, firming and elevating each pair of muscles decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining the youthful flexibility of the skin. Essentially, when your collagen synthesis increases, you enjoy all of the benefits it provides.

All this being said, let’s look at some specific advantages of including EMS therapy into your skincare routine.

It improves blood circulation

EMS improves the circulation and overall flow of blood beneath the surface of your skin, which is necessary for that natural “glow” we all crave.

Increased blood flow is also important for maintaining your cells in top shape, increasing collagen formation, and keeping your skin healthy and young. This also allows your skin to actively rejuvenate, resulting in a bright and young complexion.

It enhances muscle endurance

EMS is frequently utilized in the sports sector. This sort of therapy can improve muscle strength by extending and contracting the muscles, hence improving total muscle endurance.

In the field of beauty, this helps to strengthen the muscles, which can help lessen the outward indications of aging. In other words, toning your muscles isn’t simply for functional purposes, it also plays an aesthetic role, thus making you exude a youthful feel.

It acts as a natural facelift

Because EMS improves skin suppleness through active cell regeneration, consistent usage can generate amazing anti-aging outcomes.

Many people feel enhanced visibility of the natural features of their face after lifting and shaping their face, giving them a fresh and young appearance.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a safe and effective product to help you get rid of wrinkles and slim your face, EMS is the right product for you! However, there are still some things to consider before getting a microcurrent tool for your face.

When utilizing one of these devices, keep in mind that various skin types react differently.

For example, if you have dry or sensitive skin, it may take longer for collagen formation to occur after utilizing the device. It is also critical not to misuse the gadget since this might have harmful consequences.

The main point of these devices is to mimic the functionalities of spa treatments that would cost thousands of dollars for a single day of use. These microcurrent face-lifting devices may deliver a plethora of treatments at a fraction of the cost, making them an indispensable addition to any cosmetic arsenal!

If you wish to know more about how EMS can be a promising complement to your skincare regimen, feel free to drop us a message or visit the We202 branch nearest you.

We’ll be more than happy to point you to trusted products that are sure to stimulate your facial muscles to contract and relax, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.


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