Will EMS Dominate Fitness in the US?

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EMS, also known as electrical muscle stimulation, originally became popular as an addition to regular exercise. But as time passed, it was quickly regarded as a potential alternative for conventional gym exercise.

Recent research and clinical trials have shown that EMS is an effective choice for resistance and strength training and that it improves performance in particular sports.

EMS and how it works

Similar to how our own central nervous system sends messages to the rest of our body, EMS uses a high-frequency electric current to transmit muscle contractions.

The contraction that follows from this is identical to that generated by resistance exercise, such as lifting weights or doing press-ups. Therefore, when employed properly, a pulsed current can be used to enhance the effects and results of conventional exercise.

The most helpful of the many advantages provided by this kind of fitness training is perhaps the fact that it is acceptable for almost everyone.

Electrical muscle stimulation provides everyone else a practical choice to more strenuous training regimens, with the exception of persons suffering from specific acute conditions and those who are depending on a pacemaker or similar gear.

Beyond the ease and efficiency it provides, EMS training is regarded as being very beginner-friendly and simple to master. Hence, all ages and fitness levels can benefit from EMS training because of all these factors combined.

Fitness reimagined

All this being said, it’s not farfetched to think that EMS will soon dominate the fitness sector in the United States. As it stands, there are already a number of ways that EMS has revolutionized one’s journey to a healthier and fitter body.

Thus, without getting to far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at how EMS has reshaped the fitness industry with the benefits it brings to the table:

EMS helps you gain toughness and resistance

Typically, only between 40% and 70% of your whole strength is utilized when working out at the gym (or during a similar exercise).

EMS enhances muscular function and intensifies muscle contractions, allowing your body to operate at an additional rate of 50-80% of its capability and accomplish more in less time.

EMS builds muscle

The additional stimulation that your muscles experience throughout an EMS training session causes an increase in muscle growth or hypertrophy. The growth of the muscles in the chest, arms, and legs usually increases after a few training sessions.

EMS aids in losing weight

During and for several hours following a training session, EMS promotes a high degree of metabolic activity. The greater your metabolism, the better your body will burn fat and create lean muscle mass.

In the case of women, it has been demonstrated that EMS training reduces the size of the most problematic regions, such as the waist, hips, and thighs, or to put it simply, helps one shed weight off even faster.

EMS builds proper posture

Back discomfort is just one of the unpleasant symptoms that can result from an imbalance in the postural muscles of the back, stomach, and pelvic floor. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, you could notice this more than others.

EMS can be particularly targeted at certain muscle groups which are difficult to access and train. Needless to say, an improvement in one’s posture is almost always directly correlated to the reduction in the occurrence of persistent back aches.

EMS acts as a stress-buster

Electrical muscle stimulation can help athletes perform better in competition because it reduces stress and anxiety. As more oxygenated blood rushes through the athlete’s body during contractions, they may feel more at ease and be able to concentrate better.

EMS gives your abs a good toning

With electrostimulation, it works the abdominal muscles in a way that traditional exercises can’t since it engages all the muscle fibers. The placement of the electrodes enables efficient work to be done without compromising comfort.

Get results fast

Few professionals manage to regularly go to the gym in addition to their jobs, daily obligations, and families. Packing a rucksack, traveling there, and finishing your workout all take about two hours.

If you still want to get fitter and healthier, EMS can help you achieve so far more quickly and effectively than a typical one-hour workout because training sessions only last 20 minutes.

Training for the We202 Wireless EMS program doesn’t demand tremendous endurance and stamina because the routine is short—each only lasts, at most, 20 minutes.

In addition, we promise that every training session will be directed by a qualified instructor or a professional. Additionally, We202 trainers frequently remind customers to follow basic safety procedures in order to enjoy the benefits of EMS.

This means that anyone can participate in a full-fledged EMS training, regardless of the frequency (or even the absence) of prior training.


Today, having a lean, athletic body is seen as a sign of success and pride. But it takes a lot of time to sculpt and maintain a beautiful figure—time we occasionally lack due to obligations or unreasonable expectations at work and in society.

EMS offers a solution: enabling you to see results up to 18 times greater than those of a typical workout, accomplishing in just 20 minutes per week what would normally take three 90-minute workouts.

Your goals and present performance, including readiness, endurance, and other parameters, are all considered in our We202 EMS program. An extremely mild and forgiving training is possible, as well as more difficult ones that combine powerful contractions with dynamic movements.

What was once unachievable and only doable after years of intensive training is now practically within everyone’s grasp. You can anticipate excellent outcomes even if you aren’t physically ready or if you don’t like doing what we regard as standard exercises.

If that’s not enough to persuade you to try EMS training, stop by We202 or get in touch with us right away, and see for yourself what exactly makes EMS the next thing to dominate the fitness scene in the United States!


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