Wireless EMS Training: A Workout That Works for Everyone

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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a novel approach to exercise that directly reduces the amount of time you have to spend working out. With just one or two 20-minute workouts each week, one could already see noticeable changes in their body.

It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you exercise. With its features, it’s a workout that’s effectively three times as effective for half the time—something that is undeniably advantageous to you as a fitness buff.

However, beyond the convenience and efficiency it offers, the EMS training is also known for being relatively beginner-friendly and easy to learn. These make EMS training a perfect workout routine for people of all ages and fitness levels.

EMS training for older people

Our metabolism slows down as we become older, and our muscular mass decreases. 

Worse still is the fact that many people become less active later in life. This makes it common for older people to become afflicted with sarcopenia, a condition where a person’s body fat percentage rises as their muscular mass declines.

As we age, muscles, joints, and bones begin to decline since they are no longer needed as often as they used to be. Our bone density deteriorates and the tissues become brittle, both of which could potentially lead to reduced quality of life.

Unfortunately, muscle loss paired with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to problems including limited mobility and degenerative illnesses. This is why seniors need to stay active and participate in physical activities, particularly strength training.

Of course, getting active and exercising while your body starts to decline in function is easier said than done. This is exactly where our We202 Wireless EMS Training comes in.

EMS is a type of exercise that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles while you’re working out. Since it basically means that you can still get the results you want with a lower-intensity workout, it’s ideal for older individuals.

How EMS works for older people

When EMS trainers focus on bodyweight or balancing exercises, it’s much more gentle on the body than traditional workouts. Because the electrical impulse stimulates the muscle externally, the motions can be done to the extent that the user is capable of while still being optimally effective.

The EMS impulse also aids older people to make the most of their workout. It increases the intensity of the workout, which is helpful for growing and maintaining muscular strength.

Even for older persons who believe they have limited mobility, EMS could give a full-body workout that improves their strength and stability.

Additionally, because each session is approximately 20 minutes long, EMS is a fantastic alternative for anyone concerned about their stamina and endurance as they age. It’ll likely come as a surprise to you how quickly 20-minute bursts of efficient exercise can add up and yield results.

It’s perfect for seniors who aren’t nearly as fit and active as they once were but want to get back into shape. Because a certified trainer will design and monitor your whole workout, you can be assured that you are always exercising in the safest manner possible.

To be sure, you may discuss your individual requirements and goals with your trainer. They may adjust the workouts as well as the intensity of the electrical impulses to accommodate any concerns, ensuring that you are always safe and cared for.

Your personal trainer will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the most out of each session. They may also make sure that your workout targets certain muscle areas without putting your muscles or joints under too much stress.

Reduced risks of injury

Speaking of risks, EMS training also greatly reduces the risks associated with working out.

Let’s take falling, for example, which is arguably one of the most common accidents older adults face.

The danger of falling increases as people become older and their physical power deteriorates, and the consequences of falls can be more serious. Unfortunately, many elders lack the strength and balance necessary to “fall properly” or to avoid falling at all.

Electrical muscle stimulation training also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, it allows older people to exercise even if they have a minor cardiovascular disease. Of course, before your first session, you should always consult with your doctor.

Your fitness level doesn’t matter

EMS training makes your muscles work harder, allowing you to achieve your goals more quickly. When it comes to weight loss, several scientific studies have proved that EMS training is very beneficial no matter what your fitness level or age.

The intensity of the electric impulses, as well as the workouts themselves, may be tailored to meet any age group or fitness level. This makes it easy for the trainer to adjust depending on the needs of the individual.

As mentioned, there are already senior citizens who regularly train using EMS despite their physical condition. This means that, notwithstanding the frequency (or even absence) of prior training, anyone can engage in a full-blown EMS training.

Since the routine is also quite short, with each taking only around 20 minutes at most, training under the We202 Wireless EMS program doesn’t require one to have extraordinary endurance and stamina.

What’s more, we guarantee that every training session is overseen either by a professional or someone who has proper equipment instruction. On top of that, We202 trainers also regularly remind the clients to observe simple precautions for them to maximize the benefits of EMS.

Ensuring safety

Regardless of your age or fitness level, you are advised to notify your personal trainer of any underlying condition you might have. This would allow them to better tailor-fit your program so as to not over-exert your body.

We202 trainees are also reminded not to eat too much prior to their training session. Conversely, since EMS training reduces fluid buildup in the body, you are also advised to hydrate frequently throughout the routine to replenish lost fluids.

Finally, as with all things, anything in excess is not only counterproductive but is also potentially dangerous to your health. The same goes for EMS training.

While EMS training is highly effective and easy to fit into your busy schedule, this doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and train without resting. Remember that resting at proper intervals is also part of your journey to a healthier body.

With these tips in mind, persons of every age and fitness level are sure to reap the benefits of the We202 Wireless EMS training program.


Needless to say, regular exercise is one of the most important and effective ways we could maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of our age and fitness levels.

Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, whether this is just one of the many physical activities you engage in or it is your first time to work out, you are sure to benefit from the advantages that EMS training has to offer.

To know more about how you can keep your body in shape through wireless EMS training, drop us a message at We202 today!


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