Wireless vs. Wired EMS, the Good and the Bad

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Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is becoming increasingly popular these days, and for the right reasons. It induces involuntary muscular contractions by sending electrical pulses to your nerve fibers identical to those given by your brain, which then helps you maximize your training.

This can lead to enhanced muscle strength and density, more explosive movement, faster recovery, and better local blood circulation. Furthermore, because EMS may be utilized while you’re resting, which means your muscles heal faster and in less time.

The EMS craze is still in its early stages, but the market is already crowded with various EMS devices of varying features, pricing, and quality—each claiming to be the most comfortable and effective approach to achieving peak health and physique.

New brands have joined the electric muscle stimulation market in recent years, so it’d be hard to include them all in this article. Instead, we’ll focus on two broad types of EMS equipment: wired and wireless.

Electrical stimulation training

Wired EMS devices

A wired gadget is precisely what its name implies. It is a muscle stimulation device with cables flowing from the base device to electrodes placed on your muscles.

Now, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of muscle stimulation device.

To begin with, wires will always make moving about more difficult since you must be careful not to disconnect your electrode cords. That makes wired gadgets ideal for non-intense activities in relaxed settings, such as sitting in the living room watching TV, and letting your muscles heal.

On the plus side, it has been observed that with some connected gadgets, the attenuation of electricity is reduced, guaranteeing that the entire charge is transferred to your muscles.

However, if you’re anything like those who can’t stand the sight or feel of wires, the inevitable tangling of the cables will make this type of gadget a little annoying. If this is the case, a wireless device may be preferable.

ems electro stimulation coach suit women

Wireless EMS devices

A wireless muscle stimulation device normally operates via a Bluetooth signal, which means all the functions you care about can be accessed through your smartphone.

The electrodes you attach to your muscles are linked, but there are no cables connecting them to the base device, which may be your phone or an actual “device.” In some cases, like at We202, the pulses are directed to the body through the help of a body suit.

Regardless of how the electrical pulses course through your body to stimulate your muscles, wireless devices have the advantage of having no tangled cables, which is a noticeable increase in quality of life.

Wireless gadgets are particularly useful for two reasons.

First, they make it simple to use an EMS device on the go, allowing you to work out almost anywhere (save for the stuff you need to pack, of course). Second, multiple people can utilize wireless EMS devices with various channels at the same time.

beautiful senior woman doing exercises

More advantages of a wireless EMS device

At present, we have the option of using a wireless connection, and we at We202 Wireless EMS firmly believe that this is both the solution and the future of health and fitness.

Why is this the case? It allows you a sense of independence and freedom of movement, and not only you but also the trainers and everyone else who wears the EMS suit and trains with us.

This being said, we go further and explore what other advantages wireless EMS devices have over their wired counterparts:

It give you freedom of movement

First and foremost, you can be mobile.

You are not confined to a studio, and you do not need to connect the gadget to a socket. You no longer need to utilize a wire to connect the trainee to the device because you can now use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. As a result, wires are no longer required.

You may experiment and carry your mobile device anywhere. Most of the devices are quite light, so you can take them in your bag and complete the workout in a fitness studio, at home, at the beach, or in a scenic park – the sky’s the limit.

It allows you to set up a group training

As mentioned, you can train in a group. Is it appropriate to do so? Is it still personal training, and is it still EMS training in the same shape and form that it began?

Quite obviously, the answer to that is no. It differs in that you may conduct group training sessions. In fact, you may connect up to 20 individuals to the gadget. Okay, so maybe from the perspective of some trainers, 20 people is a bit excessive, but doing a group of 4 or 6 people sounds perfect.

You can combine EMS training with other activities

You may also integrate EMS training with other sports and activities such as brisk walking and jogging. You can also ride a bicycle. You can perform a lot more than just standard stationary isometric EMS training.

We at We202 Wireless EMS genuinely feel that EMS is all about providing you with fresh opportunities and training of a higher caliber. Hence, we make sure that you get the benefits of EMS training while doing the routines you are most familiar with.

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The bottom line

Despite the advantages of wireless EMS training, quite surprisingly, many people still use wired devices. Many new studios have lately opened since EMS is clearly the business to be in right now, and most of these still have wired EMS devices.

We know that over time, EMS will change and grow into something that will soon become a part of the mainstream of health and fitness.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how you can benefit from a wireless EMS training program, feel free to send us a message or drop by the We202 Wireless EMS Studio nearest to you!


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